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Performace Video Coming soon!!!

Partners: Illegal Money leading Team, Trading Standards, Croomz, Halton Borough Council, Caslefields Emergancy Housing, Age Concern

Aims: To create a national campaign promoting the work of the Illegal Money Lending Team. To engage a multi-generational community cast in dance and performance.

Project Description:

Working with professional artists, young, Single mothers in emergency housing and Over 60s created this physical theatre performance using synchronized mobility scooters, choreographed pram pushing and film. The show was created through workshops and consultation with victims of illegal money lending and those most at risk. Performers included al risk women aged from 13 to 75! The project was commissioned to raise awareness of illegal money lending in the region. One of the performing participants is the mother of a young man who committed suicide as a result of High profile illegal money lending case. This performance gave her a voice to campaign against Illegal money lending and to make her story heard. The performance combined comic imagery and slapstick with challenging real life stories presented by those who live them.  This project received national media coverage including Midweek radio 4 and daybreak ITV breakfast.

‘The most exciting and fun work we’ve commissioned’ – Joanne Hartley, Trading Standards

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