Partners: Cream Group, Connexions

Aim: To Present the work of young Bands attending the Rewire youth band programme

Partners Aim: This project sought to provide activity for young musicians in Halton to develop the use of multi-media at the Brindley and improve the quality of promotional material showcasing the work of local artists and Arts Development in Halton. Funding was secured from Creamfields to provide 250 hours of free recording. This was provided through the weekly Re:Wire sessions (drop-in workshops and regular showcase gigs for young bands). The ‘egg’ contains a wristband/USB stick on which there is a Flash Projector interface. Each band has a page on the flash interface containing their music, pictures and biography. The Egg also contains, customized Re:wire guitar plectrums, stickers and badges. Participants received training in music production, song writing and music promotion. Alongside this I established BRUB TV, an online TV outlet for young bands. Young people worked with professional artists at a local Youth Hub to create a music-based TV Show. Participants developed the concept and style of the show, received training in recording, production and video editing and worked with a professional actor to develop their skills as presenters. A key aim was to improve the quality and range of arts opportunity available through Youth Services. The project established a key partnership with Action for Children, leading to the development of ongoing music and film training and further projects.

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