The Ant

The Ant is a 3 wheeled Mobile Performance Venue, that folds out from back of a 3 wheeled Van! I designed this to be a self contained vehicle that could take performance and micro commissions to events, festivals and community spaces around the Midlands. I wanted something where the stage itself would grab attentions, mean something locally  and create its own atmosphere: Small is beautiful!  Made in the Midlands, Reliant cars have become design Icons, most famous for being the company car of choice for the Trotter empire in Only Fools And Horses. Less known is reliant flat bed truck: the Ant.

This 3 wheeled wonders is a flexible, modular stage that can be set up in a range of configurations. We are continue to commission local artists to create special performances that will tour the Midlands promoting great, fun art and performance.

So if you find yourself stuck in traffic behind an little old 3 wheeler don’t judge a book by its cover, in might just be carrying the next big thing!

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